Archaeologists need a camp cook

Camp out in Wyoming, feed archaeologists, get paid. Archaeologists are volunteers, the cook is hired help. May need to wade across a stream twice daily (or possibly only the volunteers have to do that).  Job announcement below:

Random photo from Shoshone National Forest. Source: Wikimedia commons

Random photo from Shoshone National Forest. Source: Wikimedia commons

HistoriCorps is looking for an archaeology enthusiast who loves to cook in the wilderness or a good cook who loves archaeology in the wilderness! The Crew Chef position is a fun and important job – it is like cooking for a big family. If you love to cook, camp, and travel, this is a great opportunity.

Dates: July 30th-August 8th plus travel time.

Location: Shoshone National Forest near Dubois, WY. You will be cooking in a kitchen tent and camping with the volunteers for the duration of the project.


· Purchase Food – You will be responsible for planning the menu and purchasing food in advance, paid by HistoriCorps.

· Travel to Work Site – Transportation to and from the worksite from your place of residence.

· Cook Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Each Day –You will be cooking breakfast and dinner every day for approximately 15 people, and setting out sandwich ingredients for lunches. There will be a kitchen tent with all the cooking supplies you’ll need. Volunteers will be doing their own dishes, but you will be responsible for the kitchen dishes.

· Have fun! – You will have some free time, so feel free to explore the area, help the volunteers work on the project, and make new friends!


· Cooking –A high level of comfort working in an outdoor kitchen;

· Budgeting –Responsible for staying at or under a budget of $12 per person per day.

· Time Management –Responsible for preparing each meal to be ready to serve at the time designated by the Project Supervisor (this is critical!)

Compensation: $12/hour

To apply, please send your resume and a short cover letter to Amy at 303-893-4160 ext 225 or Read about HistoriCorps at Read more about the project here: Deadline for applications is July 1st.

About HistoriCorps: HistoriCorps is a nonprofit 501(c)3 dedicated to engaging volunteers in historic preservation projects on public lands. We are based in the Rocky Mountain region but we coordinate and instruct projects throughout the United States.


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