Retracing artillery officer and bookstore owner Henry Knox’s Noble Train of Artillery

A master of logistics, bookseller turned artillerist. Henry Knox fought in the American Revolution at Bunker Hill, Trenton, Princeton, and Monmouth. His most epic achievement was a six week midwinter slog through New York and Massachusetts to bring 59 cannons to the heights of Boston, thereby forcing the British to retreat from the city.

In the 1920s, a series of plaques were set up along the route. Now, one man is walking the trail:

“Dave Fagerberg hiked all the way from Ticonderoga to Mechanicville, following the route Col. Henry Knox used in winter 1775-76…

“Fagerberg is planning a return trip East and will resume his march from Mechanicville to Boston on August 23rd.

“The main purpose of walking historic trails is to create more public awareness,” said Fagerberg, an avid French & Indian War re-enactor.

“Many people don’t know what is right in their own backyard. My ultimate goal is to have the Knox Trail become a national historic trail.”


Article here

More information and the location of the plaques can be found here.


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