Barska binocular tripod adapter

Here are the binoculars attached to the Barska tripod adapter.

There’s a little bit of wiggle when attached, but that’s probably due to my tripod, not the adapter. The top of the adapter holds the Nikons quite securely. There’s a round plastic cover on the Nikon Action binocs that covers the hole that receives the thumbscrew on the top of the adapter.



Nikon Action 7×35 binoculars


Here are my new binoculars: the Nikon Action. I went with the classic 7×35 power binocs. These Nikons come with a neckstrap, a one piece eyepiece cap, two objective lens caps, and a nice rectangular carry case.


The black rectangular case (nylon cordura?) measures about 7.5”W x 5.75”H x 3”D and closes with a velcro flap with faux leather trim. There is a belt loop on the back of the case that should be able to handle a belt or harness up to 2” wide.

There is no separate strap on the case, but the neckstrap on the binocs can be left hanging out of the case. The neckstrap can also be looped through the eyepiece cap to keep the cap from getting lost. The two objective lens caps can also be hooked onto the neckstrap while you’re using the binocs, but it looks like they could fall off relatively easily.


The binoculars themselves have a rubber-armor coating that gives them a nice grip, but they are not waterproof.  Check out the other technical specifications here:×35.html

First impressions are good: In limited testing, they are easy to focus, I got a nice sharp picture, they’re easy to hold, and feel pretty durable.  Next step: get a tripod adapter and try some backyard astronomy.